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Co owner of half of Ruby Lane, wife,  mum of 3 and grandmother of 7 Debbie's passion is fashion! Although Deb covers all aspects of business with 28 Ruby Lane she completes the majority of purchasers for 28 Ruby Lane and with a background in book keeping she makes sure the books are perfection!

Height: 160cm


RUBZ 1.jpg
Payton dress.jpg

The mini me behind our brand. Rubz is a
rockstar model and a wild child at heart.
She is Tegan's oldest daughter and Debbies second grandchild. She will be rocking out in our mini sizes 6 -7

Height: 148cm


Co owner of the other half of Ruby Lane Tegan is Debbie's middle child, wife, and

mum of 3 little kidlets. With a passion and background in marketing Tegan is often behind the screen covering all aspects of photo shoots, website updates and socials.

Height: 161cm


JO 1.jpg
NAOMI 1.jpg
SKYE 1.jpg

What can we say about this gem of a human.
Our very own Georgie Girl, stunning
daughter to Debbie & killer sister to Tegs. 
She is one in a million and we just love her

to bits. 

Height: 157cm


Jo is Georgies Mother-in-law but more then
that she is part of our immediate family.
She is an amazing women who is 
part of every major event in our lives. 
Jo’s place in our fam was just a given.

Height: 165cm


Bright and bubbly Skye came into our lives
through a great mate. We are sure she owns
almost every Ruby Lane Dress that we have
ever released and she rocks them out in

Height: 165cm


Naoms is our very own country girl from Yass.
She is a beautiful soul that came into Tegs life
about 5 years. Together they have stood by one another on their wedding days and recently had bubbas 6 weeks apart.

Height: 185cm


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