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Getting Lost - Grandparents Edition

Getting Lost - Grandparents Edition


This game gets Grandparents who want to have fun with their grandkids to adventure and explore together.


The Grandparents Edition of the Getting Lost Game is our biggest game ever - featuring 30 At Home Activities on one side of the cards and 30 Out and About Activities and Directions on the other side of the cards.


Designed to create epic adventures and lasting memories with the Grandchildren the primary outcome is fun!  But if you look a little deeper (and you don't need to tell the grandkids this) you'll find cards that bridge the gaps between the generations and encourage cross generational sharing.  You'll find chances to share history with stories and real life adventures.  You'll find ways to capture and create history, to make things together, to explore together, to play together in ways you played when you were young and of course to have fun together.


The Grandparents Edition is made with the help of our amazing Getting Lost community of grandparents. We've had literally thousands of suggestions for this game.  This game has been tested by Grandparents and Grandchildren alike and we hope that it will be tested by many, many more in the years to come.

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